There is a New Miami underway.
A Miami amidst a cultural renaissance.

G&L Real Estate Development

With more than 30 years in real estate development industry, G&L Real Estate Development LLC, has built a legacy of quality construction and sales in stunning locations. Designed to accommodate modern lifestyles in ideal urban settings, their expertise gives homeowners an edge in today’s market - extending the life of an investment by adding long-term value of a property.

“We believe in bringing the outside in, so you’ll see many windows, lots of natural light and light airy colors that are reflected in nature. Your oasis in the city awaits, One Bay Design District Residences.”

Francisco Tagle / Developer

G&L is the American division of Empresas Guzmán & Larraín. With a diversified presence throughout Chile, Argentina, Spain, Italy and South Florida, Empresas Guzmán & Larraín have developed and sold more than 40,000 residences. There are presently 19 projects on the market in Chile and seven abroad; located in 13 cities within five different countries. Empresas Guzmán & Larraín boast a portfolio of properties in excess of 560 acres in Chile, available for development in the next 10 years.